Suzan Jonz Perez

Breakdown or Breakthrough? Energy Healing with Rapid Eye Technology
We have all experienced a time in life when we know that we can be doing, being or believing something different, and yet we stay in the rut of our current doings, beings and believing. I have been there – we all have.

How I Became Involved in Rapid Eye Technology
In 2004, I was a busy, vivacious mother, wife, teacher, active church member, recent graduate and friend to many wonderful people. In the summer of 2004, my body demonstrated that my life would soon be taking a dramatic change of course. What I did not know at the time was that my mind/body/spirit system had been talking to me all along — I had simply not been listening. I disappeared into a funk so deep that my body began to shut down at an alarmingly fast rate. I went to numerous doctors, but no one knew what to do because there wasn’t actually anything medically wrong with me — all labs were fine. I was “normal” according to lab results, and yet I was horribly sick.

I sought help from a friend who had recently been trained as a Rapid Eye Technician. Over the course of three days, we conducted seven RET sessions. I left her house with a completely different perspective of my life, and my mind and body had returned to “normal” functioning.

I have come to believe the only situation in which “normal” means anything at all is as a setting on the dryer.

Within six weeks of my initial Rapid Eye Technology sessions, I had completed certification in Emotional Freedom Technique and within six months, I completed my initial Rapid Eye Technician training.

Helping Others Live Extraordinary Lives with Rapid Eye Technology, Reiki & Emotional Freedom Technique
Since 2004 I have worked with numerous people from many different backgrounds. I have an incredible feeling of tenderness and awe for humanity and the workings of the family of mankind. My professional scope includes Rapid Eye Technology, for individuals and groups, as well as many other classes, seminars and experiences. Each experience that I facilitate is built on a foundation of unconditional love — not one thing could be could done or not done, that could be said or not said, that could be or not be, that would ever cause me to love any less.

In 2004 when my body began to deteriorate and fear set in, I thought I was having a breakdown, but in actuality, I was breaking through to my extraordinary life.